Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dax riding his scooter

I took Dax roller skating today to "preschool skate" time. We've never been to that before, but they allow ride-on toys and basically anything with wheels as long as it doesn't have pedals. They also allow parents to walk in the rink with shoes, and to push babies in strollers in the rink, too. :)
Dax had a blast. He skated around the rink. Then he rode his push/ride on car. Then he decided to try out his scooter. There was another boy there with a scooter and Dax was watching him pretty closely. So then he rode his scooter and got the hang of it and spent the rest of the time on that. We'll have to go again another week. :) They do it every Wednesday - 90 minutes for $5 at this rink. Other skating rinks have similar preschool skate setup times - so if you weren't aware of that, check near you. :)
Of course, that's assuming you live somewhere that's still too cold for outdoor play. Those of you who are already enjoying the playgrounds, well, I don't wanna hear about it. :P

Anyhow, here's a clip of a video of Dax riding his scooter. To a lot of the songs, he changed his pace to ride "in beat" it was pretty adorable if I do say so myself. Next time we go, I'm bringing his helmet. I didn't think he'd actually be riding a scooter, and didn't think a helmet was necessary for skating since he never comes close to hitting his head. Not that he was wiping out on the scooter, but he started going at speeds that made me a little nervous once he got more practice.

It's too bad the video doesn't really show a good shot of his face or him from the front. He's wearing his t-shirt that says "Powered by Mommy's Milk" :)

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Family Features said...

how delightful to see him scoot along!