Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dax is 2.5!

This week, Dax had a half birthday and is now 2.5 years old!
He wears size 5 shirts/jackets, and his size 3T pants are starting to look just a little short on him. He fits size 10.5xw shoes.

He has figured out how to ride his tricycle! And he is one happy little boy! Pedaling downstairs around the basement. He can pedal forwards, he can pedal backwards, he can ding his little bell. Steering... not so much, lol. Although he's amused and says "crash!" when he runs into walls and things. Sometimes he asks for my help because, "I want to go THAT way" and I show him how to point the wheel in that direction. Hasn't quite gotten it yet. He rides in circles mostly because he likes tilting the wheel, so he can't go straight.

Dax can clearly count to 20. Not memorized, I mean he knows numbers 1 through 20 and how much they represent and he's counted items that high. I'm chalking it up to yet another thing he mysteriously picked up somewhere.

He knows his shapes. I don't just mean circle/triangle/heart/square - he knows rectangle, diamond, pentagon, octagon.

Dax loves puzzles. Speaking of puzzles, it's great that he got jigsaw puzzles for Christmas because he absolutely adores them and he's been spending at least an hour a day puzzling. He can do his 12-piece jigsaw puzzles without any help. He can do his 25 piece jigsaw puzzles with minor help (if I turn over all the pieces and place like-colors together, OR if I do some of the border, he can do the rest by himself). He can do his 48-piece puzzle if I do the border and keep him company while he places the pieces in himself. I have a great video of him doing a 25-piece one, & I even edited it so that instead of watching him take 5 minutes, you can watch him do it in fast-forward in under 1-min with a chipmunk voice, lol. But my video program keeps freezing when I try to save it in an uploadable format. :(

He told me the other night, after my husband came home from work, "Mommy, it's your turn to go to work. I want to pway with Daddy now." hee hee :)

His sentences have improved, too. He's started using larger words, which is adorable. "Excewent!" "Mommy, that's fantastic!" "Are you serious, or are you pwaying?"

The only letter he can't pronounce is the letter L. I think his overall enunciation is still kinda poor, though - like he's speaking with a mouth full of marbles. I can understand him fine, and other moms of toddlers seem to, but strangers tend to have more trouble and that reminds me that he can't speak as clearly as I think he can. :)

He has figured out the concept that pictures and drawings can represent real things. We have a painting of a lake in our livingroom. He told me, "Mommy, we shud go there, and paddow a boat in the water. That would be fun!" while pointing to the painting. He's also started noticing more in books. I read him a new library book tonight and on one page in the background there was a playground. "Mommy, I want to go pway in THAT pwayground!"

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